The President’s Impeachment?

Officials have drawn up two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. These are charging him with obstruction of justice and abuse of power. These will soon go to the House of Representatives. Democrats say that the formal charges are linked to the President’s effort to supposedly pressure Ukraine to investigate political rivals. The House Judiciary Committee vote came after weeks of public hearings before the House Intelligence Committee. A 300-page report and divisive rhetoric highlight the political divide that controls this country. 

How impeachment works

The sole authority under the Constitution is to bring articles of impeachment to the House of Representatives to start proceedings in the Judiciary Committee. If the house approves the formal charges and articles of impeachment, that means that the President of the United States could be subjected to a trial in the US senate. This process came after a long 2-month inquiry which was led by the House Intelligence Committee. They submitted a 300-page report with detailed findings.

From House to Senate

The House will hold a vote next week. That vote must have a majority of the 435-member House. If the bill passes, it will then move to the Senate where the trial will be held. The chief justice will overlook the proceedings, and the president will be removed from office of there’s a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate. If Donald Trump is impeached, Mike Pence will automatically be sworn into office and complete President Trump’s term which will end in January 2021. 

It’s difficult to say where these proceedings will go. When asked, several senators refuse to answer questions about the impeachment hearings and how they will vote. Whichever side of the aisle you vote for, many believe that politics today aren’t normal. Many believe something needs to change so that we can heal as a country. Can we get back to the great nation we are at our core?

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